Call of Duty: Finest Hour
Environment art for console video game
I had the fortunate opportunity of being a part of a brand new game studio start-up with Spark Unlimited, back in 2002 - 2006, designing and building 3D Environments for interactive game projects including Call of Duty™: Finest Hour™, Turning Point™: Fall of Liberty™, and Legendary™. Here is some of the environment design work that I did on Call of Duty™: Finest Hour™.
On this project, in addition to contributing lighting support for several of the project's environments, I was the primary environment artist on four of the game's levels including levels based on the regions of Matmata, Tunisia, and Remagen, Germany.
 Disc "Extras" Concept Art -- This is a Concept design included in the game disc extras. I illustrated this piece as an environment study for one of the maps in the game. The level is based in Tunisia and inspired by the town of Matmata where, coincidentally, the desert planet of 'Tatooine' in Star Wars IV: A New Hope, was filmed!
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