UI Design for popular casual game series from Big Fish Games
Mystery Case Files®: Dire Grove™ (iPad development)
 All images copyright © Big Fish Games

I recently had the opportunity of working with Timbuk2 Studios on developing new UI and marketing designs for Big Fish Games' popular casual game series, Mystery Case Files®: Dire Grove™, now for the iPad!

Credit for original artwork/game design goes to various artists responsible for creating the original game. (Original user-interface, icon artwork by: Lara Schneider). Other artists included on the project include: Jeff Haynie, Jon Gregerson, Matt Hall; to name a few).

Hidden Object and Mini-Game selection screen / interface. Design gives player the option of choosing between Hidden Object Games and Mini puzzle games through sliding the ice blocks on the left up/down, and a score/leader board on the right.

Developed using Autodesk Maya and Adobe Photoshop.

(Original icon design/artwork by: Lara Schneider)
Sequential art and final graphics used for tutorial interface - teaching the player how to interact and navigate through the game! Drawn and painted in Adobe Photoshop.

 Tutorial interface developed using both new and existing artwork. Created in Adobe Photoshop.

(Some art provided / created by Jeff Haynie & Original icon design and icicle artwork by: Lara Schneider).

Game puzzle interface graphic. Created in Autodesk Maya and Adobe Photoshop.
(Concept design by: Jeff Haynie)

Game icons. Painted in Adobe Photoshop.

 New graphics for mini-games interface. Developed using both new and existing art.

(Timer icon, Celtic border, and icicles artwork created by: Lara Schneider)

  Tumbler interface - Created in Autodesk Maya, final composite done with Adobe Photoshop.

New icon set developed using both new and existing art - added ice breakage and border to all set images.(Original icon design/artwork by: Lara Schneider)
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